No more blackheads.

It appeared as THE answer to all their problems, the CELIAA™ Blackhead Remover is now being used more and more by people who suffer from skin problems, acne pimples and facial imperfections.

Not just women but men and teenagers have tried it as well, and adopted it! Everyone has the right to take care of their skin!

Are you tired of having imperfections on your face? Is it a real issue that spoils your daily life and you dream of getting rid of it?

You have been trying to cover up pimples with foundation and all kinds of make-up to overcome this problem! Unfortunately, make-up, foundation, and some powders are among the causes of excess sebum, as a result, your skin is always oily! You find areas on your face where the foundation crumbles and doesn’t do as you’d like!

At times your skin is dry and too oily at other times, it is a real headache to find the beauty product that best suits your needs!

Creams tend to accentuate oily skin problems, exfoliants can irritate sensitive skin, you don’t know what to do anymore! In addition to all this, the usual beauty products are not effective immediately!

  • Delete

    Tiny crystals gently exfoliate your skin while your CELIAA™ Blackhead Remover Vacuum removes oily debris and impurities from your skin.

  • Restore

    Aspiration increases blood circulation and triggers the skin’s natural healing process to stimulate collagen, leaving your skin vibrant, firm and fresh!

  • Strengthen

    Once the dead skin layer is removed, care products can penetrate 10 times deeper, maximizing their effectiveness.

Blackhead Remover Vacuum CELIAA™

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The solution to ELIMINATE all your impurities!

Thanks to the CELIAA™ blackhead Remover Vacuum, find a younger, fresh and smooth skin instantly! No more crumbling foundation problems or lack of homogeneity, from now on your complexion will be PERFECT!

Your skin will grow more elastic, toned and clearer, as you always wanted!

Choose only the best to take care of yourself! We don’t always know what we find in all these products that we impose on our face, also, it is always necessary to buy this lotion or this cream because there is no more after two weeks! By opting CELIAA™ Blackhead Remover, you make the choice of the best quality and the perfect economic alternative!

Your face will be brighter than ever, you will no longer look tired but your complexion will rather look RADIANT! We will see right away that you’re in great shape!

Everyone around you will also notice the difference, the change will be stunning. When you feel good about yourself, you feel more self-confident and assurance, be yourself freely!

You too can benefit from all its advantages!

Little round clip head

Perfect for vacuuming blackheads in sensitive areas. Multifunctional, it removes blackheads but not only! Your CELIAA™ Blackhead Remover is also used to purify pores, to smooth out wrinkles, to overcome acne pimples and to pull out dead skin and cells!

Large round clip head

For large areas such as cheeks or forehead, your CELIAA™ Blackhead Remover replaces all beauty products. By using it consistently right after a steam bath, you will no longer need to use any products or lotions to make your face softer and keep a beautiful unified skin tone!

Oval clip head

To smooth and massage wrinkles on the face. By using the CELIAA™ Blackhead Remover to clean your face, you will avoid the appearance of new pimples, imperfections and all kinds of irritations! The blackhead remover vacuum also allows better blood circulation!

Microcrystalline clip head

Exfoliates skin and removes dead skin. Comfortable and easy to use! Choose the clip head that fits your needs and vacuum the blackheads on the desired areas! No need to insist for it to work!


By choosing CELIAA™, you will avoid beauty products that nourish the pimples or aggravate skin problems! You make the safest choice for your face! The blackhead remover vacuum meets different types of needs, it can be used for normal skin or sensitive skin!

You will love it for its ergonomic and modern design as well as for its ULTRA PRACTICAL side!

All the most followers of fashion and glamorous women are already wild about! You can even see it in beauty influencers’ blogs and videos!

This is the beauty accessory you need to solve all your skin problem, don’t suffer anymore, make them DISAPPEAR!

Here are our recommendations:

  • Wash your hands before touching your face.
  • Take a steam bath for 5 to 10 minutes to open pores before using the CELIAA™ Blackhead Remover Vacuum for a better result.
  • Vacuum delicately over all the areas you want to treat (nose, chin, forehead, etc.).
  • Stay moving (3 seconds maximum per zone), avoid standing for too long on the same area, this is not necessary for the vacuum cleaner to wok.
  • Choose the most suitable clip head and adjust the level of suction speed according to your need and your skin type.
  • After use, you can clean the clip heads with water or disinfect them.

The CELIAA™ kit contains:

  • CELIAA™ Blackhead Remover Vacuum.
  • A cable to recharge the device’s battery.
  • Five changeable clip heads, 3 cleansing and purifying heads, 1 exfoliating head and 1 firming head.
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