Since its creation, the CELIAA team have devoted all their energy to meet the needs of women. Because we know the challenges they face every day that reduces their self-confidence. 

Innovation to meet your needs

Increasingly requested, in their private and professional lives, women must constantly juggle different roles, making them less available to themselves. Therefore, we wanted to offer them a product that would help them to take care of themselves but also take time to relax, after a fast-paced day.

The Celiaa cleansing brush, designed to make everyday life easier

The CELIAA™ cleansing brush was an obvious choice for this purpose. A multi-function device, it makes everyday life easier and saves time. It advantageously replaces facial care sessions at the beauty salon.

This is a real-time and money saver, appreciated by active women but also young mothers.

Regain the radiance of young skin

A revolutionary accessory, the cleansing brush is a real bath of youth for the face. Used daily, it removes wrinkles, firms the skin and evens out the skin tone. Make-up almost becomes an extra. It also keeps the skin clean and healthy, preventing skin problems such as blackheads or acne.